Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hanging in There!

Hi Everyone,

I'm still in CA taking care of my mom in my childhood home. This is my 10th month being away from my business, friends, my home, and my personal life. Mom turns 92 tomorrow. I guess I have long life ahead of me!

I've gone through all kinds of emotions during this journey. Lots of sadness, anger, depression, confusion, feelings of abandonment, loss, and wondering when this is ever going to end.

In my book, Feng Shui Simply, I talk about how not allowing yourself to feel like a victim by saying the words, "Why is this happening to me."  Instead, I offer, "Why is this happening FOR me?"  At this point, I don't know the answer to that question. Only time will tell.

Yes, I'm being a good daughter by putting my own wants and needs aside and caring for my mom full time. But I'm not doing this for angel points. I really just want to go home.

My friend Connie tells me that I'm building my Spirit even stronger and that is what is getting me through this. She said the next time I get to finally go kayaking that I will feel the blessings and joy of simply putting the kayak oar in the water. Who knew something as simply as that could feel so fabulous. I won't let the simple things ever be taken for granted again.

I hope you will visit my website, and check out my free feng shui articles, video tips and segments of my gig on the radio called Feng Shui Fridays. You can also sign up for my free Feng Shui Simply newsletter on my website. It comes out once a week.

And I continue to pray for guidance and patience. Only time will tell what this journey is all about.


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