Sunday, October 6, 2013

What is your greatest wish?

Hello everyone,

All of my life I have made a list of things I wanted to do, which I refer to as my bucket list.

It was a list of 50 Things I Want to Do before I Die. The very first thing on my list was Snow Boarding. I have been a snow skier for a number of years, and I'm pretty good at it. When I worked for ESPN Sports, I also produced World Cup Skiing, so I learned from the best. Besides the best athletes in the world, the cameramen were the best skiers! They had to carry their cameras while shooting a skier, all without using their poles.

Once I got into Snow Boarding, it wasn't long before I thought I was the hottest thing on a snow board. I loved it. However, one day I managed to take a head first spill into the snow, and broke both bones in my left forearm. It is called a Colle's fracture, named after the doctor. It was a painful recovery, followed by hand surgery. Needless to say I gave up snow boarding after that experience, and have only skied once since. I just recently sold my skis, poles, and boots on EBay and I've retired from the sport.

There are several things still on my bucket list, mostly travel locations that are peaceful and interesting. One of the best experiences in my entire life was going to Ecuador with 5 other girlfriends in 2012. I absolutely loved the Amazon Jungle and The Galapagos Islands. I now want to go to the Amazon Jungle in Peru.

But after spending 10 months taking care of my mom, who is on Hospice and at the "end of life" stages, I have now only dream of returning to Sarasota, FL to my home. I want to do nothing but sleep and chill. I want to reconnect with the friends that I haven't seen in awhile.

But mostly, I will have the opportunity to build my life all over again because my canvas is blank. There are no appointments, classes, consultations, responsibilities, or anything on my to do lists. Nada. I had to reduce my life in Sarasota to zero in order to relocate to CA, after my dad passed, to fulfill my responsibilities as an only child.

So, now I dream of only ONE thing. Returning home. Not Peru. Not a glass of wine. Not a social event. Just going home. It's funny how everything is reduced to just that one focus.

I hope someone is hearing me in heaven. I listen for the answer every day.


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