Sunday, August 4, 2013

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Hello my Friends,

I'm still in CA taking care of my mom, now in my 8th month, and her symptoms of Alzheimer's has taken an ugly turn. While anyone suffering from this disease have no idea what they are saying, the range of insults and the sound of the critical voice is still hard to hear, especially from a beloved parent.

This is when you really can't take things personally, no matter how it stings. The best strategy is not to engage, and to walk out of the room until the tirade subsides. Breathe, just breathe.

I offer you in my Feng Shui Tips a lovely message from a book that I'm reading called The Book of Awakenings. I know I'm being called to tolerate the intolerable and dig a little deeper into my soul wisdom to be compassionate and empathetic during this journey.

I hope you are having a lovely summer!


Feng Shui Tips
Head shot
"When the dark is at rest,
the Light begins to move."
-The Secret of the Golden Flower
I have found his lovely book of daily awakenings from Mark Nero. This book was a gift to me from my dear friend Connie Black. She understands what a difficult time I am having right now, and felt this book would help calm my soul.

Mark says that it seems natural enough to treat our problems like an overgrown path of weeds and go hacking our way through, doing small violence to ourselves.

 It seems like the agitations of the dark always cover over like the weeds, covering my heart. The agitation itself is dark, that only when we can keep our hands off will there be room for light.  

And only then, when I left the dark energies rest, will I begin to heal.

"These bodies are perishable, but the Dweller in these bodies are eternal."  - Bhagavad-Gita

Vitamin D
Feng Shui SimplyDon't be deceived!

When researchers tested 55 bottles of off-the-shelf vitamin D, they discovered the amount of D in the pills didn't match what the labels said. One-third had less, by as much as 91%, while others had up to 44% more. Pills that were USP-verified tended to do better.

We can also get our Vitamin D from the sun! Put on your sun block and go outside to enjoy a walk in the sunshine, skipping the hours between 11-2pm when the sun is the most intense as it lingers overhead. You will have your daily dose of Vitamin D and some fresh air.

I have been asked how I know so much about skin care and make-up in my tips called Feng Shui Faces. First of all, I've always been fascinated with skin care and makeup so I read everything in sight. I often thought I would be a make-up artist in another life. I also spent a number of years working for ESPN production, and was around make up artists all the time applying make up to our ESPN talent. I learned from the best.

Today's tip is if you want to have longer lashes, try a product called Rapid Lash. It is an eye syrum that you apply along the lash lines to encourage growth. And it works! It takes a few months of daily application. You probably have heard of the prescription version called Lattisse? Well, this is a non prescription formula that you can buy at That is where I buy all of my makeup and skin care lines.

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Cheryl Grace
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