Sunday, May 19, 2013

Change Your Destiny


72 Name of the Week

Ayin Hey Resh

I have the power to transform all my hardships into beauty and strength.

I will get into a positive head space knowing that from there, anything is possible. The challenges that lie before me are there for a reason, and the Light will allow me to learn from them, and grow so that I become my potential.

All the longings of my soul will become answered, and my “negative” situations will turn beautiful.

Have you ever noticed how much of the Bible is about missed opportunities? So many biblical figures had the chance to do good in this world, to end pain and suffering for others, and to bring Light to end the darkness, and yet here we are.

Our lives today are like Bible stories. We have countless incidents, some that we recognize and others we don’t, where we could influence so much more good if we’d just done things differently. How many times have we looked back and said, “Now why did I do that? I know better!” Some veil blurred our vision and we could not see the true reality in the moment. For every time hindsight gave us 20/20 vision, there are hundreds of other times we never got to see the bigger picture.

Just because we’ve missed opportunities in the past however, does not mean life has to continue down this road. We are not meant to replay the same unhappy endings that history has repeated for generations. In fact, there is good news – a light at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is that we can alwayschange.

We have the power to change everything! Things don’t have to stay the same. But if we want things to be different, we have to be different. We have to make a commitment to stop missing the opportunities, and start seizing them.

There is an energy this week that can assist us in taking advantage of all the universe has laid before us. Instead of perpetually feeling frustrated and victimized by life’s hardships, we can decide to open and shift our consciousness. We can stop seeing difficulties as road blocks and begin to see them as the road itself to a greater existence. We can start facing our challenges head on instead of hiding. We can see doubts as our shot at building more certainty. We can stop feeling that people are out to get us, and see them as helping us get to where we are meant to be. We can run – not walk, but run – outside of our comfort zone, racing to better decisions and destinations where more miracles exist.

All it takes is getting started today.

Change your consciousness, and your actions will follow.

Change your actions, and you will change your destiny. 

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