Friday, August 21, 2009

State of the Economy-Clean your Closet


With the current state of the economy, it has everyone anxious. It is requiring all of us to become more credit worthy by lowering our credit card debt, and curb our impulse shopping habits. It's time to go into your closet and see what creative outfits you can come up with, and get rid of clothes that don't fit.

Take all of your clothes out of the closet and group them by type: pants, tops, etc. Inspect and try on each article before making a decision: does it need to be cleaned or repaired, put in bin to give to charity, to a friend/family member or take to consignment, or can it go back into the closet to be ready wear. Purchase wood hangers and make the transfer of clothes onto these durable and easy on the eye hangers.

Group all of your clothes by color, and arrange them from sleeveless to long sleeves, by color. Now you can see your selections and will be able to creatively put outfits together to create some new fashion combinations. If everything is in good repair, ironed, and clean, you have many options on your fingertips to put on and go!

Now you can "shop" at home with your easy and ready-to-wear selections. And when you pay your unused clothes forward, you creating space and making room for something new to come in, something better! It doesn't necessarily mean new clothes (although it can). It may mean a new opportunity for a better job, relationship, or experience.

Cleaning your closet is good Feng Shui.

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