Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What does Feng Shui mean?

Hello Feng Shui fans,

I'm often asked the question, what does Feng Shui actually mean?  Most people are familiar with the term, and think it has something to do with how the furniture is arranged in the home.  Feng shui literally means wind and water.

The original Feng Shui practitioners in China had the vast landscape to work with in locating the ideal place for the home.  First, they went to the top of the mountain to place the home, with its panoramic views.  Soon they found the home was exposed to the extreme elements of the WIND.

Next, they moved the home by the water, to enjoy the ocean views.  Soon they were exposed to the extreme elements of the WATER.  Think hurricanes!

So, they decided to put the home in the middle, half way between the Wind and the Water, to balance the effects of the "extremes", and that is how the term Feng Shui was born.  

That is the goal of Feng remove obstructions in the home that are interfering the good flow of energy in the home.


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