Monday, June 1, 2009



If finding your inner cheerleader seems to have wane, I can relate.  My plate is full of ideas, everything from new feng shui products to design and create, updating my website, watercolor painting ideas, becoming proficient in PhotoShop, to finishing my first feng shui book.

What happens is that you become full of exciting ideas, but not doing much in any category because it all seems overwhelming.

I first write down all my ideas, by category, onto 5 x 7 cards.  At least it gets out of my head.  Then I start to organize my days, to fit in the gym, appointments, daily chores, and my action plan for each of my projects.  If you save the things that are most fun for the end of the day, you can power through the other projects and responsibilities that take more of your focus and self motivation.

Since we all seem to stick to appointments, such as the dentist or doctor, it's best to make an appointment into your daily planner for your project, then stick to the time schedule.  Instead of x-ing out the entire day for one project, begin with an hour appointment, and leave the schedule a bit loose to expand your hour if you're into the project.

I'm now focusing on my feng shui book.  I have a great book outline, and have written 4 chapters, and parts of others.  So, if I schedule 2 hours of research for one of the chapters, I'll be in a better position to write the chapter with ideas swarming in my head, waiting to jump on the page.

Now, let's all get motivated,

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