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Dwell Well by Mare Petras

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“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell

When we first moved to Florida, one of the first things I did was hire a feng shui consultant to help me arrange our old stuff in our new home. At the time, I didn’t know much about the ancient Chinese art/science concept. All I knew is that a friend had used it to enhance her home’s energy and that I felt a sense of serenity when I walked into her house.
Prior to my feng shui appointment, I was nervous the consultant would tell me I had to throw out all the old and ring in the new, upsetting our already stretched decorating budget.
It wasn’t like that at all. She walked in with her magic bagua map and suggested just a few easy fixes:
  • Move the sofa to open the space for energy flow.
  • Adorn the indoors with a few living plants to add living energy.
  • Hang a small crystal at the entrance to attract positive energy.
  • Consider painting the bedroom a neutral beige color to bring calming energy.
  • Add a red wall to the office for “fire” energy.
At one point, she looked at a picture in my hallway (it was a framed poster that the previous owner had left in the house) and asked, “Is this meaningful to you?” How did she know it wasn’t? She, then, tactfully suggested the poster be a “placeholder” until I could replace it with something that brought me good energy.
Energy, it's all about energy!
So how might feng shui help you achieve your healthy living goals, realbuzz friends?
Feng shui works with energy – trying to harness it in a way that nurtures and strengthens both your environment and personal chi. According to (an advance peek of) Feng Shui Simply by (my) consultant Cheryl Grace, “early feng shui masters believed that each of us was born with a certain amount of energy and that this available energy could be either depleted or replenished by our surroundings.” And that energy is in constant flux “it’s either flowing or stagnant, being concentrated or depleted.” 
Grace says, “energy reserves can be sapped or strengthened by every aspect of the way we lead our lives: the quality of the food we eat, our exercise regimen, and the ways in which we maintain our health all have a specific role in restoring and maintaining optimal energy levels.”
Home is where the chi is. It’s been ten years since that feng shui appointment, and I continue to paint our walls and decorate our surroundings based on the simple energizing tidbits gleaned from that consultation. And the frequent comment visitors make when entering our humble abode is: “Wow, your home has nice energy!” 

Think about it, realbuzz friends: Your living space has the power to pump you up or drag you down. Your home is where you start and end your day.  In an often uncontrollable world, your house is the one place where you control the “mouse.”
How about you realbuzz friends? Take a look around; does your home enhance your good health? 
Until next time . . . a “chi-enhanced” Mare

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