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Quick Fixes to Boost Prosperity with Feng Shui

Quick Fixes to Boost Prosperity with Feng Shui
By Cheryl Grace

Feng Shui is the art of enhancing your environment to improve your life. By incorporating simple feng shui enhancements in your home or office, you can remove stagnant energy present in your environment and allow your dreams and goals to become the fuel to initiate positive changes in your life. Your surroundings are a direct reflection of you, much like an environmental mirror. If your home is uncluttered, clean, organized and spacious, you automatically feel more calm, grounded, and able to appreciate all the blessings in your life.

If you’ve ever declined having friends over because your home is a mess, you’ve
become a slave to clutter. You may spend money unnecessarily because you may
feel it’s reflective of your hard work or you believe that by owning a particular item it
will make your life easier. If your home is chaotic, on-the-spot purchases may result
simply because you can’t easily find what you’re looking for and just give up.

Vibrant energy will not flow properly if your home is dirty, cluttered and in
disorder. And when stale energy resides, one can’t help but feel lethargic. By turning
your home into a powerhouse of creativity by removing stacks of paper, clothes,
boxes, and toys and rejuvenate your surroundings by removing out dated
furnishings, such as bulky furniture, patterned wallpaper, dark or contradicting
colors, and old-fashioned curtains. Inexpensive decorating changes and a fresh coat
of paint to a room you use the most will jump start your prosperity in the right
direction. It’s a small financial investment to motivate your future.

Once you’ve decluttered, updated and refreshed your environment, now you’re
ready to place feng shui enhancements that are representative of the direction of
your hopes and dreams. Traditional Feng Shui cures such as Chinese coins, Bagua
mirrors or flutes do not have to be used to inspire change. Contemporary décor
such color, shapes, artwork or symbolic accessories creates visual energy and serve
as image motivators.

• For a career boost, choose artwork in your office that best represents your life work or life purpose. For example, if you want to become a veterinarian, choose artwork of your favorite animals.
• Personal growth is always strengthened by supplementary education. No matter what phase you are in your life, stretch yourself by reading and taking classes. Any time you are looking to move into a different job market or chapter of your life, begin by immersing yourself in the chosen industry or activity. Simultaneously, allow quiet time for meditating or writing to nurture the spirit and the body. Set up a private space in your home as a reading corner or meditation area with appropriate lighting and atmosphere.
• Family relationships can provide help, guidance, leadership and direction in times of need. Don’t wait for a difficult or tragic event to connect you to loved ones. Photos of you with your family members on happy occasions or vacations should be placed around your home to reinforce the connection.
• Empower your wealth and prosperity by recognizing all of the blessings already present in your life. Avoid negative dialog, repeating sad stories, or dwelling on what is not going well for you. Improve your awareness of your immediate surroundings by collecting lucky coins you find and placing them in a piggy bank. It’s a great reminder that wealth accumulated over time is the most lasting.
• All loving relationships improve by one being open, flexible, receptive, and always coming from a place of love. Forming strong connections significantly contribute to the quality of your life. Place symbolic objects in your surroundings that best represent healthy and loving relationships. Posters, paintings, or accessories pertaining to love or meaningful relationships can replace piles of work to be done or images of a solitary person.

Feng Shui is not just about the furniture. It’s creating a way of life that is filled with positive and inspiring images in your environment, maintaining a great attitude, and being enthusiastic and optimistic about the future.

Cheryl Grace is a professional Feng Shui expert, nationally certified interior refiner, and winner of the 2008-2009-2010 Natural Choice Award for Favorite Feng Shui Practitioner. For a consultation for your home or business or to contact Cheryl, e-mail or call 941-400-3816. Visit to shop for contemporary Feng Shui décor and enhancements, or to find a list of Feng Shui seminars taught by Cheryl. For daily Feng Shui tips, follow Cheryl on Twitter and her Blog at ;;

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