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Get in Touch With Your Pet

Getting In Touch With Your Pet
By Cheryl Grace

“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”—Author Unknown

Everything in creation is made up of electromagnetic energy fields (EMF’s) vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color. The existence of EMF’s around every object in the world is referred by the Chinese as energy or Chi (pronounced Chee), the vital life force energy of the Universe. Other cultures express energy in a similar way; the Japanese call it qi and the Hindus call it prana. Energy is constantly in flux; it’s either flowing, stagnant, concentrated, or depleted.
Vital energy or Chi, present in every person, pet, object and place, either supports or depletes universal energy already present in the environment. Pets are extremely sensitive to environmental energy and show exactly how they feel through their behavior. By improving the energy flow in your environment, your personal Chi and those of your pets is nurtured and strengthened. Removing clutter and keeping your home clean, organized and spacious is the essential first step to creating good energy flow throughout the environment.
For a household pet, gentle human touch feels safe and strengthens the bond of trust with their owner. By tapping into your energy reservoir and transferring it through touch to your pet, you can reduce their daily stress, facilitate the healing of injuries and illnesses, and improve behavioral problems. The more you touch your pet, the more you’ll be able to interpret their body language to determine their level of receptiveness— anywhere from open and friendly to defensive and fearful.
Most animals respond to healing touch therapy by becoming sleepy and calm. By being alert and aware of their reactions you’ll know exactly where to place your hands by their physical cues. They will shuffle, twitch, or move around or even push your hand to an area where they do or do not want treatment!
Pets respond instinctively to touch as an empathic way to help them ward off the cumulative effects of minor stresses. Just witness how puppies or kittens spontaneously curl up with each other to take a nap. Touch gives them a feeling of security and comfort. Any pet can benefit from healing touch whether they are recovering from an injury or just feeling out of sorts. Channeling your energy through touch is a simply way to bring a pet’s body back into balance by recharging existing energy levels and working towards preventing potential disease.
While some of the strongest healing comes simply from a loving heart, recognized healing therapies include Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Seichem, to name a few. However, you don’t have to be a certified professional to apply healing treatment. Rely on feedback from the animal and let the animal determine the amount and location of the treatment.
Begin by making the animal comfortable, either on the floor, a table, sofa, or wherever the animal feels safe. Keep the animal away from their other pet companions and distractions. Place your hand lightly anywhere on the body and project energy in, as if you were a skillful surgeon. The shoulders, spine and joints are usually safe places to start. Be aware of how the animal responds to the first feeling of warm energy by keeping one hand in contact with the skin at all times. From here, you can work up and down the body including the tail, followed by the neck and head. The most effective way to develop a strong flow of energy is to treat your animal twice a day until it becomes second nature. Consistency keeps your own energy levels steadily recharged.
While you can not do harm by giving healing energy treatments, more serious pet injuries, such as broken bones, open wounds, etc. should first be treated by a medical professional. However, you can give healing touch treatments along side of conventional medicine or post-operative recovery to enhance the effect of any other treatment being given.
Routine healing touch can maintain your pet’s overall health. The benefits include a peaceful night of sleep, improved behavior, relaxation, and coping effectively with other pets and family members. Many injuries such as pulled muscles are a result of continued pressure on a particular part of the body, leaving it weaker and more prone to injury. An every day session designed to relax your pet reduces nervous energy, hyper activity and restlessness. Combining healing touch with good nutrition, a comfortable and safe environment, and daily exercise can help a pet maintain optimum health. Refrain from extremes of over-exercising to housing your pet in a cage or kennel for any period of time. The balance of rest and play reduces anxiety and you’ll have a happier and healthier pet.
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Cheryl Grace is a Reiki Master and trained in Pranic and Restructure healing. For more information on Cheryl, visit

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