Saturday, February 27, 2010

Energize your Crystals


The Full Moon is an excellent time to energize any crystals you may have in your house. The Full Moon's healing energy adds fuel to the power of the crystals.

Crystals are active energy, so if you have any trouble sleeping, don't keep them in your bedroom. Other active energy don'ts for the bedroom include: TV's, mirrors, workout equipment, office desks, electronics, lots of books or photographs, pets, and even live plants.

If you have trouble sleeping, don't take an Ambien or a PM pill just yet. Work on eliminating active or awake energy one thing at a time.

You can place a throw over your exposed TV or put the TV in a cabinet and close the doors. Place a throw over the mirror and see if it doesn't help your sleep. Try everything for a month.

If you want to improve your wealth and prosperity, put the crystals in the Wealth Corner of your home (Back Left third of your home.

And just sit in the Full Moon's energy and take it all in. Or a Kayak ride!

Have fun,

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