Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mercury Retrograde


The planet Mercury goes Retrograde from September 7 through the 29th, which creates mischief in all areas of your life. The planet does not literally go backwards, but it appears so. The strong planetary pull does create some havoc in people's lives.

This is a time you don't sign contracts or enter into business decisions. If you're already in a deal before the 7th, read every detail and watch out for hidden agendas. If you're traveling, allow extra time and take a good book with you to endure any travel delays.

This is a time to ride the ups and downs associated with Mercury Retrograde by taking a position of neutral. Don't get into arguments or scuffles with others. Just stay in a balanced position and wait til after the 29th to make your point.

Mercury Retrograde happens more than once a year so google search the times and mark them on your calendar so you can plan accordingly.


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