Thursday, May 28, 2009

Health and Well Being


I just returned from 3 weeks visiting my parents. My dad had prostate surgery at 91, and it was completely successful.  It's a testimonial to be bouncing out of a major surgery at his age.  What are his secrets to a long and predominately healthy life?  Here is some of his mantras:
  • Laughter  He is quite the jokester.  Can't resist having fun, even prior to going into surgery. He told the surgical doctor and nurse that he had an important request before the surgery started.  Should he need CPR, he wanted Miss California to perform the CPR in her bikini. Everyone cracked up.
  • Loyalty  My mom is suffering from Alzheimer's.  It's a sad and debilitating disease.  He is the primary caretaker, and manages her health care with a skip in his step.  For better or worse.....
  • Strength  My dad still works around his hometown.  He's the town handyman. He can fix anything, from electrical to plumbing and does it for $10 an hour.  He maintains that knowing how to fix things keeps his brain strong while he has to figure things out, and working around town keeps his body and mind fit.
  • Street Smart  My dad's father took him out of school when he was in the 7th grade to work on the family farm, as formal education wasn't a priority.  Instead, he is a world war II veteran, with enough street smart to navigate him to the beautiful age of 91.
Lots to learn from a vivacious senior.  Now that is good feng shui.  

Have a beautiful day, and thank you for your prayers for my dad. They worked, Cheryl

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