Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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I'm re-visiting some key points from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I feel like I'm at a crossroads in my life. I'm in a new state, trying to navigate what my life is going to look like from here on.
She suggested doing a daily ritual of asking 3 questions for your inner journey. So I started this yesterday and I'm going to do this for the next several months. If you are feeling like I am, I challenge you to do the same and let's compare notes as we see changes. I follow the questions below followed by a bit of my own feng shui wisdom.
1) Ask yourself every day what is it that you really really really want? It might change from day to day, but what you focus on grows. Only ONE for now. We might want several things but the things you want should improve your life and at the same time help others. It's not about a new coat or a new pair of boots.
2) What was the happiest moment of the day? This is something you will answer at the end of the day. Yesterday mine was that after not having enough sleep due to the time change (my cat doesn't understand the time change of extra hour of sleep), I laid on my sofa in the morning with the fireplace on and took a very nice nap. Rest is not an inactive moment. It's restoring your energy. Wisdom cannot enter your consciousness if you are always doing doing doing or fretting about not doing.
3) Refine your Mantra. Whatever negative thought is going on in your head and repeating it over and over on a daily basis only reinforces whatever it is. Example, "I"m fat." Instead, replace your mantra with something positive. I seem to be always fretting that I'm not doing enough every day, as I have a pretty long checklist of goals and things I aspire to do. So I changed my mantra to whatever needs to get done will get done in its own divine timing, and I vow to just tend to the garden to help it grow.
I hope this helps inspire you. If you like feng shui, I have four on-demand seminars on my website that you can either rent or purchase, depending on your budget. I also have several free feng shui tips for your home, radio shows that I've given interviews about feng shui, and free articles you can read.
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