Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wanna Help Me promote my book Feng Shui Simply?

Hi everyone,

 If you are moved to do so, you can help me promote my book within your own social media outlets. Here is some ideas that you can copy/paste:

  • ·      Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life from the Inside Out, published by Hay House, is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hay House, Indiebound, and various electronic outlets. For more information on Cheryl, visit http://www.CherylGrace.com
  • ·      If you have a copy of my book, it would be fun to take a photo of the book, either with you holding the book, my book placed on your coffee table, or any creative setting, etc. and post it on your Facebook page and tag my name so that it appears on my Facebook page as well. Should you actually see someone reading my book, please capture that photo and send it to me!
  • ·      Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hay House, Kindle. Join the conversation! #FengShuiSimply
  • ·      If you have a Pinterest board that includes your favorite books, you can add my book Feng Shui Simply by searching my book on the web and pinning my book to your board.

LinkedIn, Google +, Newsletters, etc.
  • ·      Use any of the book copy above with or without photos in an endorsement update.
YouTube/Blog/Radio and TV:
  • ·      If you have your own YouTube, blog, radio or TV show, I’m available for an interview or to be a guest on your show. We can talk about my favorite subject, Feng Shui and my new book. I’d be happy to answer feng shui questions from viewers and listeners.
Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it!  Cheryl

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