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New Years Resolutions Designed to Inspire

New Years Resolutions Designed to Inspire
By Cheryl Grace

Every year we have two opportunities to formulate goals for the year and introduce a new and inspired you!  We have the traditional New Year on January 1st and the Chinese New Year on February 10th, the year of the Snake. The message of the Snake in Chinese astrology is to prompt us to use focus and discipline to achieve what you set out to create in 2013. Deep transformation and healing is expected this year by way of “shedding” our skin and becoming shiny and new.

Universally, we can grow and expand with like-minded resolutions to help us become a better friend, companion, and leader.
Let Go: It is normal to be in “over” drive: overplanning, overthinking, and overanalyzing every aspect of life. We become attached to the potential outcome of a situation, and when that doesn’t materialize just as we imagined, we feel as if we’ve failed. Try giving yourself a day when you can leave your to-do list to one side without guilt, and see how this allows the time to unfold without structure. With a flexible schedule and an attitude to match—letting go of attempts to control every second and just allowing yourself to be—you widen the possibilities of connecting with a variety of people and events. It may just guide you to a better job, a new home, a romantic relationship, or a clearer road map of your life.

Cash it out: National credit-card debt is likely to surpass the $1 trillion mark, with a fair number of those card users defaulting rather than paying up. And this debt doesn’t just create mental clutter—the worry of bills and finance charges, the energy it takes to keep the worry at bay—it often creates literal clutter too. The more you accumulate, the more you become a slave to the need to keep it all in order. Any way you look at it, it’s ultimately robbing you of your freedom. Pay cash as you go and live within your means. You’ll be securing your freedom.

Stop looking for your Soul Mate: Searching for this other half as a way to feel whole is exhausting. To be constantly on the lookout for that one person, the one you think you will change the quality of your life forever, only keeps you feeling incomplete and perpetuates a sense of desperation. The truth is, the Universe would never create your ideal mate without also giving you the ability to find him or her!
So why not widen the perspective to include the prospect of everyone being a soul mate? By those lights, every person who comes into our lives, whether by choice or circumstance, is a teacher of sorts, each encounter and experience a source of insight to help us grow. Making every effort to be our best, we connect at a more evolved level.

Serve others: The simple ground rule of service in any form is that if you always give, you’ll always have. You can sprinkle random acts of kindness on friends, acquaintances, or even strangers to improve the quality of their lives without seeking praise for yourself. Donate your time to an organization or church with a cause or need that brings comfort or healing to others. Tithe—give away 10 percent of your earnings—to help those less fortunate, make a gift to a family in need, or donate your frequent-flier miles to charity. That’s how the circle of prosperity works: giving to others opens a channel for abundance to flow to you.

            Happy New Year!  

Cheryl Grace is a professional feng shui consultant and a Hay House author. Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life from the Inside Out is available for pre-order now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and various book outlets on 5.1.13. For more information on feng shui, visit

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