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Feng Shui Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Feng Shui Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas
By Cheryl Grace

The holiday season is here and it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for your Zen friends who seem to have everything! Feng shui is a system of intentional design therefore; everything you choose for your home furnishings should have significance and meaningful intent. Because we all have opinions, associations, or memories about everything we have in our home, every object, even a vase or sofa, is alive with energy. A feng shui gift is the perfect choice to add to new energy to any home or business d├ęcor.
With feng shui, it becomes important to carefully choose everything you put in your home or office and workplace that has meaning and keeps you moving forward in the direction you want to go. If you have items in your home that take you back to a negative experience, this is two steps backwards on your journey. It takes the same amount of energy to have a positive thought as a negative thought, but positive thoughts simply make you feel better!
Here are some feng shui enhancements located at two Sarasota stores that will help you find the perfect feng shui gift for a friend, loved one or yourself.

Feng Shui Sarasota, located at 2135 Siesta Drive in Southgate Village directly across the street from Dillards at Southgate Mall. Phone: (941) 366-8113 Email: or visit

Feng Shui Essentials: In Feng Shui, one of the most important tools used to enhance the energy of our living space is symbolism. Symbolism serves as a constant reminder for us to think positively about every area of our lives. You can find all sorts of traditional feng shui symbolism here like hand carved mandarin ducks made out of rose quartz, beautifully cast bronze doves, and the powerful “Phoenix and Dragon” combination - all used for attracting love into your life. The store also has gorgeous, hand carved jade dragons, horses and fish that can all be used for increasing your wealth and promoting your career. One can basically find something meaningful to give a friend, loved one, or family member of any age.

Positive Energy or “Chi” Maximizers: Another critical aspect of feng shui is the positive energy or “chi” that you try to surround yourself with in your living and work spaces. There are many ways to do this that include enhancing your own personal energy as well as enhancing the energy of your living environment. Feng Shui Sarasota is the first retailer in the United States to carry the high end line of Gemisphere healing crystals which offer healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels (something all of us could probably use these days). They are also the only retailer in the state of Florida of Aura Soma – innovative tools used to heal and strengthen all the chakras in your body. Kathy Keh, storeowner and a feng shui practitioner, is very knowledgeable about how one can increase positive energy flow in your living space and she can guide you to the perfect gift.

Outdoor Garden Bliss: Another way to create feng shui bliss in your life is by creating a beautiful and calming ambiance in your garden. Here you can find wide selections that are one of a kind and hand-carved in stone. They include Buddhas, Kwan Yins, Foo dogs, pagodas, and small garden animals like rabbits, ducks and fish. These weather friendly ideas do not break down over time like other statuary made of concrete or plaster. The store offers delivery for a fee, with set up service included.

Elysian Fields, located at 1273 Tamiami Trail South on the corner of Tamiami and Bahia Vista, Sarasota, FL Phone: (941) 361-3006 or visit Elysian Fields is celebrating 20 wonderful years of business! It began as a dream of creating an atmosphere that “felt good” combined with a magical shopping experience— high quality gifts to inspire and enrich our lives.
Books: Elysian Fields carry a variety of books for conscious living. Among the feng shui books Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. This book talks about what the issue is behind your clutter problem and gives you steps to let it all go. Informational books, such as The Feng Shui Bible and Balance and Harmony for Every Room, to any book by Terah Kathryn Collins, are easy to understand and have a practical approach. Other books that provide tremendous support are You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and Loving What Is by Byron Katie. If you have ever felt that you are not good enough, it’s only a thought and thoughts can be changed.
Music: If you meditate and like background music, try the CD Feng Shui the Eight Fold Path by Chinmaya Dunster or Sonic Feng Shui by Patrick Kernhard. These soulful sounds can nurture your imagination and visualization of what experiences and people you want to draw into your life.
Gifts: If you are looking to fire up your wealth corner of your home (the far left rear corner of your home based on the location of your front door), choose luck and prosperity traditional feng shui enhancements such the prosperity turtle or frog, red envelopes and cords or amethyst crystals and stones.

Bring this article into Elysian Fields or Feng Shui Sarasota to help you generate ideas. The professional and knowledgeable sales staff will also be able to recommend additional ideas to help you find your ideal gift for that special person, including yourself!

Feng Shui Consulations: You may have friends or family members who are curious about feng shui but don’t know enough about it to place enhancements in the correct position in their home. A feng shui consultation with a certified feng shui consultant may be your perfect idea for the hard-to-buy-for on your list. And, you don’t have to fight the mall shoppers to give this timeless gift. Both Elysian Fields and Feng Shui Sarasota can recommend a qualified and professional feng shui practitioner or refer to Natural Awakening’s Natural Choice Award Winners for Preferred Feng Shui Practitioner voted by the community.

Cheryl Grace is a professional Feng Shui consultant and nationally certified Interior Refiner. For a Feng Shui consultation for home or business, and a great holiday gift idea, contact Cheryl at (941) 400-3816 or visit Cheryl is also available speaking engagements and seminars.

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