Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon -Twilight series

Hi everyone,

If you haven't read the 4 book series by Stephanie Meiers called the Twilight series (4 total), you may not be among the millions of fans who fell in love with the books. I am one of them. My friend Jack said he read a vampire book and thought I would like it. Well, I'm hooked on the entire book, movie, and music series. Today New Moon comes out, which is the second movie/book in the series. I have tickets for the 9:45am movie which is the first showing in Sarasota, FL.

Why is this good feng shui? Well, probably vampires are not good feng shui, but reading and enjoying movies is good feng shui! I'm often asked why I like this vampire series so much. Edward and Jacob, the male leads are gorgeous. They both don't seem to have any need to work or to earn a living in the future. Their full time job is to protect the lead actress (Bela) and are devoted to all things Bela. Should you become a vampire (a bite on the neck) you remain that age (all time stops in the aging process) and live forever. Immortal.

OK, so what's not to like? You have a hunky, handsome guy that hasmoney but doesn't spend a moment away from you working; he's devoted and loyal, and helps you stay young and beautiful for the rest of your life? No botox or plastic surgery??

Now, that's good feng shui!

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