Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feng Shui Tip

Hi Feng Shui enthusiasts,

If you want to change the energy in your home, do a thorough spring cleaning.  But, watch out for the cleaning products.  We're getting too crazy about germs and bacteria so we're using more and more cleaning products that are toxic.  Too many chemicals.  The toxic chemicals that we are spraying on the countertops and furniture, spraying into the air or on furniture to freshen the smell, or polish on the floors and furniture are more toxic than the germs and bacteria we are trying to kill.  

Use natural, non toxic, alternatives.  Also, remove your shoes when you come into the house.  There are toxins and pesticides on the bottom of your shoes.  Also watch for mold in moist areas, especially bathrooms, kitchens and kitchen sponges or cloths.  

Replace your toxic cleaning products with safe alternatives that also protect the environment.

For more feng shui tips, visit www.ggRedecorating.com.  Cheers, Cheryl

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