Monday, September 22, 2008

Introduction to Feng Shui Simply

Hello bloggers!

For all of you who have been curious about Feng Shui but can't get through even one Feng Shui book without taking a chocolate break, I'm here for you!  I'm a professional Feng Shui practitioner and will decode the Feng Shui rule book.

First lesson:  Feng Shui literary means Wind and Water.  Feng Shui was originated in China over 3000 years ago and it's been around this long simply because it works!  The pioneers of Feng Shui believed that if you built your house at the top of a mountain (think of mud slides in California), you may expose your home to the extremes of the Wind.  Those who located their home near the Water could exposed their home to the extremes of Water (think hurricanes). Therefore, the ideal location would be somewhere in the middle, half way between the Wind and the Water.  From this concept, Feng Shui philosophy was born.

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Jack said...

HELLOOOOOO Shirley! LOVE the blog and the pics and the profile. Hard to find the place that tells you where to make a comment, however. Plus lots of hoops to jump thru and word verifications and passwords...whew! But I found it and here I am. YIPPEE!!